Internet 1996 World Exposition: Thai Pavilion
Thai Pavilion Certification Process


While the Internet 1996 World Exposition is opened to everyone who wishes to take part, not much efforts have been put on orchrestrating world-wide web publishers to work on different subjects, yet produce high quality documents in terms of quality of contents, presentation and usefulness.

Thai Pavilion Certification Process is not meant to assume an authority in approving information bases to take part in the Internet 1996 World Exposition Program. It is contradicting to our firm belief that anyone should be able to provide information on the Internet at will.

The Certification Process, however, will put a page under standard review process and let both expert on the subject and the general volunteer audience to review and rate the page.

Review and Rating Criteria

Certified pages are required to provide information which is:

Each certified page must be signed by the maintainer to provide a mean for the audience to give electronic feedback. References must be cited. Online refered information must have electronic linkage back to the original source with full credit given. If the information is original, one must state so explicitly and provide an easy mean to gather feedbacks.

Reviewers are volunteers who sign up to help reviewing candidate pages. Maintainers of certified pages are requested to be on the reviewer list to ensure that other certified pages will be at the same level of standard.

Certification has a life time of 3 months. Expiration of certified status is fully automated and will change the Badge image from "A Thai Pavilion Certified Page" to "Thai Pavilion" once it is expired unless the page has been resubmitted for certification process again. This is to ensure that information certified by Thai Pavilion is properly maintained and kept current.

Thai Pavilion Badge

Information pages reviewed by Thai Pavilion Certification Process is entitled to display the Thai Pavilion Certified Page Badge on the page.

Right to display the Thai Pavilion Certified Page is a non-exclusive right granted to the world-wide web page passing through the Thai Pavilion Certification Process and conforming to all relevant standards.

A world-wide web page that wishes to link to the Thai Pavilion, no matter if the page is certified or not, should use the following code:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" ALT="Thai Pavilion" BORDER="0">Internet 1996 World Exposition Thai Pavilion</A>

Do not make a link to other entry point as URL's other than and are subjected to change without prior notice and are indeed changed very often.

Created: March 25, 1996.
Last Updated: May 2, 1996

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