1996 National University Entrance Examination Results

In each year, more than a hundred thousand high school students in Thailand are competing in a nation-wide examination to enter local universities. Only some fourty five thousands would succeed.

This facility provides a tool to search for results of the so-called Entrance Exam. We obtained everything related to this reporting from Kasetsart University who in turn got the results from Ministry of University Affairs. It is, however, recommended that netters outside of Kasetsart vicinity access these results from Internet Thailand mission specific server locating on their high-speed backbone.

This facility is running as-is as a mean to offload Kasetsart University web server. The exam results are subjected to official confirmation from the Ministry of University Affairs. Each student taking the exam will get a postcard notifying the result.

Results are displayed in Thai. For details on how to enable Thai on your browser, please refer to Thai Language Resources on the Web at Internet Thailand.

You need to know the identification code of the examinee in order to search for the result. Click here to search the result from Kasetsart University search engine at Internet Thailand.

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