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Thailand Network Availability Pavilion Thailand Network Availability Pavilion. Network availability depends on many factors. This pavilions show the results of continuous measurement of network availability among major network hubs that constitute the Internet portion in Thailand.

Thai Heritage Page Thai Heritage Pavilion. With an uncompromising quality, this web page has received so many awards from all over the world. Maintainer of the Thai Heritage Page has recently decided to participate in the Thai Pavilion Program. The page is now mirrored to this server for general access.

Marble Temple Pavilion Marble Temple Pavilion. Take a look at this Digital Camera Tour made by Thaweesak Koanantakool. This is also the first Thai Pavilion Certified Page.

Golden Jubilee Pavilion Royal Golden Jubilee Pavilion. Most travel books about Thailand suggest that the monarch is widely respected. This is not a divine right but it was earned the hard way. Look at what His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has done for his people throughout this 50-year reign.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Sawaddee Thailand Pavilion. Discover what Thailand is all about. Highly recommended for non-Thai speaking travellers. Information is provided by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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