Thai Pavilion Organizers

The Thai Pavilion is initiated by Dr. Kanchana Kanchanasut of the Computer Science Program, School of Advanced Studies, Asian Institute of Technology.

Planning and implementation activities are in primarily handled by Trin Tantsetthi of Micronetic Public Co Ltd.

Thai Pavilion Advisors

The organizers would like to thank the following individual for their straight criticisms, critical thoughts and encouragements that make us come this far.

Thai Pavilion Volunteers

To be completed.

Thai Pavilion Participants

To be completed.

Thai Pavilion Contributing Participants

The Thai Pavilion hardware is provided by the Network Technology Laboratory, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC). The machine is located on the pubnet, public information services, backbone at NECTEC/NTL, where both ThaiSarn academic/research and downstream commercial sites, connecting to NECTEC and Internet Thailand Service Center (ITSC) respectively, may access freely.

The pubnet backbone is accessible by the worldwide Internet community via ITSC's 2Mbps international circuit. The line alone costs ITSC around US$90,000 a month. It is anticipated that the Thai pavilion will incur high volume international traffic which is, in turn, translated into a significant loss of revenue to ITSC.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is gratiously allowing the use pictures in their calendar in the opening ceremony. We also appreciate Dr. Paritta Koanantakool who allows us to use her Thai painting on the main banner.

Thai Pavilion Organizers wish to thank contributing participants for making this happens.

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