Internet 1996 World Exposition: Thai Pavilion


A world-wide cooperative program called the Internet 1996 World Exposition has been formed by a non-profit organization "" to demonstrate the potential of what the Internet can do in terms of distributing information to the world population.

Thailand's Internet community, during the APNIC 1996 meeting in Singapore, has decided to participate in this event. Like other Expo Fairs, exhibitors set up their own "Pavilions" using their own themes.

Apart from efforts on the Thailand World-Wide Web Virtual Library and the Thailand-specific portion of the More on Asia page, information throughout the Thai cyberspace is largely unconnected, duplicated, outdated and even, in some cases, inaccurate. Little effort has been put into coordinating world-wide web publishers to work on different subjects, yet produce documents with high quality content, presentation and usefulness.

For these reasons, a web construction team is being formed to maintain a world-wide web site, "", as a central site to maintain general information about Thailand and provide links to all Thailand-based pavilions which will participate in the Internet 1996 World Exposition Fair.

This is a good opportunity for the Thai Internet community to keep the world informed of what network resources are available in Thailand. It is also a good opportunity to promote an informed understanding of Thailand.


By launching this project, we expect the following outcomes:

How to participate

This message calls for voluntary participation from those who are willing to be involved in the following categories:

  1. Participation in a general mailing list which will discuss anything which is related to Thailand-based Pavilions
  2. Participation in a world-wide web document publication effort at the central site. Contact the Webmaster
  3. Running a server with Thailand specific information, either with or without the certification program

Since this project is completely unfunded, participants in this project will not be paid. Donations to the project in terms of financial support will not be accepted as there is no official organization to issue a receipt. Assistance to the project can be made in terms of long term loan of equipment, software and/or donation of brain power and labour.

Questions regarding this program can be directed to the Organizer.

Created: March 13, 1996.
Last Updated: June 21, 1996

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