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This page provides a complete listing of events displayed by the the Thai Pavilion Program. A companion page provides a complete listing of Pavilions participating in the program.

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Bangkok Governor Election 1996 Bangkok Governor Election Results June 2, 1996 Please do not forget to go to your registered election unit early and pick up your only one choice of Bangkok Governor. The Met Dept recommended us to go in the morning and beat the afternoon rain. We will be reporting the poll count result at this web site soon after 15:00.
Entrance'96 Results In each year, more than a hundred thousand high school students in Thailand are competing in a nation-wide examination to enter local universities but only some fourty five thousands would succeed. Check out the results of this annual exam here.
Thai Pavilion Opening Ceremony Honerable Dr Thaksin Shinawatra, Deputy Prime Minister, declared the Grand Opening of the Thai Pavilion.

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